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A family story

Creator of unforgettable moments

Panorama Charlevoix is the somewhat crazy project of Alexandre (the brother), Valérie (the sister), and Patrick (Valérie’s spouse). Three partners with a passion for nature, culture, art, and architecture.

Their objective: to share their time between the busy city life and the enchanting Charlevoix countryside. The project: to build an exceptional residence where they can escape and enjoy precious moments with family and friends.

Patrick and Valérie are the proud parents of six children (yes, six!) aged between 11 and 16: Charles-Antoine, Édouard, Marc-Étienne, Julien, Sasha... and the charming Léa-Rose.

Panorama Charlevoix was envisioned and designed to be a sanctuary for family gatherings. A perfect place to celebrate small magical moments, share good meals with friends, relax by the fireplace, lounge on a panoramic terrace, reconnect with nature, catch your breath, and recharge.

The owners also want to share their little paradise with other families and groups of friends when it is unoccupied. They plan to turn it into a unique and inspiring tourist residence.

An exciting journey

From the first sketches to completion

In the fall of 2021, SGDA, a Quebec City-based design, and architecture firm were selected by the owners to design the project. What won them over? SGDA's deep desire to create exceptional spaces and their passion for the Charlevoix region.

A few meetings with the architect and designers were all it took to create the first sketches. Then, magic happened. The dream soon became reality. In mid-May 2022, they broke ground.

For more than 7 months, Patrick managed the construction project, while Alexandre was responsible for analysis and research, and Valérie, worked on the branding, the creation of the website, and the communication tools.

Mid-November 2022: The big move! The residence is not yet completely finished, but it's time to start assembling and installing all the new furniture and appliances accumulated for more than a year in the owners' garage!

And, just like that, Panorama Charlevoix is born.


Imagine yourself here. Today.


Whether you want to disconnect or celebrate an important moment, Panorama Charlevoix is the promise of lasting memories.

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