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PANORAMA CHARLEVOIX wins the GOLD certification
in the Architecture category, Prestige House at the 16th edition of the GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN 2023.

The GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN Awards is an international competition that celebrates the excellence and the talent of creative professionals and firms who have distinguished themselves through exemplary practice. 

01 concept 

A spectacular architect-designed residence built into the mountainside,
with a breathtaking view of the majestic St. Lawrence River.  

No detail has been overlooked: with a spacious terrace facing the St. Lawrence river, a heated in-ground pool, a luxurious hot tub, a gas fireplace, radiant floors, a pool table, state-of-the-art furnishings, top-of-the-line appliances, cozy bathrobes, soundproof office, high-speed internet and more.

Panorama Charlevoix is a prestigious chalet that blends in perfectly with its natural environment, in total harmony with the river, the shore, the mountain, the forest, the winds, and the tides.

The design and materials of Panorama Charlevoix are an ode to nature: wood, concrete, natural stone, and. Its modern and pure lines as well as the large windows promise you precious moments.

Panorama Charlevoix is strategically located 7 minutes from the heart of Baie-St-Paul, less than 28 minutes from Le Massif Ski Resort, and 33 minutes from La Malbaie. 

02 residence

An exceptional residence, as unique as it is special.
Designed by the talented architects and designers of the SGDA firm


Panorama_Charlevoix_1777 1Web.jpg

Def. panorama


From the Greek pan, all, and horama, spectacle

1. A view of a wide area, that can be contemplated from all sides.

2. In fig. Succession of images presenting themselves to the mind as a complete vision.A general view of a question, an era, an activity.


03 experience

Looking for a heavenly place to spend unforgettable moments with friends, or surrounded by your family?

Laughter in front of a bonfire long walks in the forest, a pool tournament lasting until the late hours of the night, a latte at dusk, a bubble bath that immerses you in pure relaxation,
a bit of reading on a panoramic terrace...


Let Panorama Charlevoix surprise and enchant you.

Image by Alex Bertha

04 Pool & Spa

When you are immersed in water, whether in a bathtub, pool, or spa, the floating sensation and the reduction of body weight bring a wonderful sense of relaxation.

Are you looking for a tourist residence that offers both a heated in-ground pool and a large, high-end spa?

Panorama Charlevoix offers all this and more.

Image by nasim dadfar

05 the total escape

Situated in Domaine Charlevoix, the ALTA residence offers you a myriad of
recreational activities just minutes away.

Two majestic private parks are located within Domaine Charlevoix: Parc Laure Conan and Parc du Village.

Near the residence, you will have access to a wide range of activities for all levels: hiking in the forest, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, biking trails, downhill skiing at Le Massif, Baie-St-Paul or St-Irénée beach, golf at Le Manoir, and much more.

Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada..jpg

06 telecommuting with a view

Need a change of scenery?
Want to get your motivation back?


Nothing is more inspiring than a view of the majestic St. Lawrence River and an immersion in nature, to stimulate creativity and concentration.

Panorama Charlevoix offers you a closed, soundproof office on the first floor and two additional workstations on the garden level. And that's not all!

The very high-speed internet connection (fiber optic) will allow you
to be as efficient as if you were in the city.


07 nature and the outdoors

With the magnificent nature that is dominated by the stunning landscapes of sea and mountains, Charlevoix mesmerizes. Cliffs, exceptional panoramas, picturesque villages on the mountainside, and unmissable national parks. Come and take a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy this exceptional playground for nature and outdoor enthusiasts.

Charlevoix boasts many outdoor activities: fishing, hiking, water sports, skiing, snowshoeing, skating, camping, cycling, horseback riding, kayaking, sailing, canoeing, and canoe camping.  What activities will you choose?


08 exploration

The Charlevoix region offers a wide range of activities that appeal to all five senses.

With its rich historical heritage, dense and diverse wildlife, and renowned crafts, the Charlevoix region was recognized by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve in 1988.

Skiing, hiking, cruising, spa and relaxation, art, culture, and local cuisine... the possibilities are endless!

Image by Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian

09 gastronomy 

Foodies, treat yourself to an exhilarating adventure on the Charlevoix Flavour Trail (la Route des Saveurs de Charlevoix). Ciders, artisanal beers, fine cheeses and chocolates, organic meats, ethically raised ducks and merchants whose locally grown produce that are all part of this renowned agrotourism circuit.

Travelling through Charlevoix from one end to the other pleases the appetite! From appetizers or feasts worthy of feeding the gods all can be found in the quaint bistros or the finest restaurants. All around chefs are preparing local dishes with boldness and creativity. Food connoisseurs will ask for more!

Art Studio Wall

10 arts and culture 

It's a known fact that the Baie-Saint-Paul has the highest number of art galleries per capita in all of Canada. With over 25 in and around the region! Take the time to discover each of these havens along Ambroise-Fafard and Saint-Jean-Baptiste Street. Not to mention the Musée d'art contemporain de Baie-St-Paul!

Culture can also be experienced through various events and festivals, from Festif!, which celebrates music, to the Domaine Forget International Music and Dance Festival.

You’ll be marvellously surprised!


About us

We are three architecture and design enthusiasts accomplishing a big dream by launching PANORAMA CHARLEVOIX.

Our goal? To build an exceptional residence, between the river and the mountains, offering an unmatched experience.

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